Monday, April 23, 2012

Yes, there are fish in the lake...

I have been fishing Eldorado Park for years and one of the things that always amuses me is when someone will walk up to me while I'm fishing and ask... "Are there fish in this lake?"

I am always tempted to look at them and say... No, I'm just pretending there are...


Yes, there most definitely are fish... bass, crappie, cat fish, carp, sun fish, etc., etc. They have even stocked it with trout during the winter months.

This largemouth bass was caught on a recent trip to my local fishing hole....  she went about 3 lbs. which is a pretty nice fish for Eldo.  My biggest ever at the park is 6 lbs. - and there are definitely bigger fish in the lakes.

There are also monster carp in the lakes - if you like to fish for those...

Overall, the lake can be a tough place to catch fish - especially for bass (which is all I fish for) because it does receive quite a bit of pressure, but it's still a great place to escape to every now and then.  I catch and release all my bass - and hope you do the same if you decide to give the lake a try.

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